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Farming Simulator is a series of cultivation vigor games set in an door world setting and played from a third-person position and in addition to a first-person perspective. – FARMING SIMULATOR 19 OFFICIAL WEBSITE


In career mode, the performer takes on the role of a farmer. Their task is to innovation their “dated” farm and machinery. The main seek of the artist is to harvest their crops and sell them in order to progress their crop growing enterprise (e.g. machines, fields, animals and buildings). The performer is release to explore, build up from their complementary of several crops, and invest their grant in new fields and equipment. Livestock may be purchased, and after that it is occurring to the performer to care for the animals.


There are vigorously generated missions which consist of the performer temporary various tasks within a times frame such as mowing grass or delivering cargo. If the artiste successfully completes the task, they are rewarded gone a total of money, benefit a extra based on how quickly the task was completed.


Farming Simulator 2014 is the first mobile gardening Simulator to have multiplayer mode. gardening Simulator 16 has Bluetooth functionality. Current generation consoles have multiplayer (Farming Simulator on the last generation consoles was the first console harbor of the game, with every features of 2013 Titanium). farming Simulator 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One furthermore has a multiplayer mode.

Our cultivation Simulator 19 crop growing lead will back you through the initial stages of FS19 similar to it comes to the basics of every aspect related to farming.

Farming Simulator 19 : Farming

There is a lot to announce in crop growing and it cannot be summed in the two processes that mark its beginning and end: sowing and reaping.

Instead, there are various factors in action including machinery used for the processes, handling the accept and ultimately generating revenue out of it.

Growing and Plowing Crops

Although most grains can be cultivated without plowing, there are exceptions to this case.

Potatoes, reeds, beets, and all trench flora and fauna require plowing past bodily planted.
For whenever you want to cut off definite crops and place vary types of them in place.

On balanced difficulty, for all third crop you plant, plowing is required to maintain soil fertility. – FARMING SIMULATOR 19 OFFICIAL WEBSITE

In conflict of wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, maize, potatoes, beet, and reed, not plowing the ring after planting the crops will cut the output concur by 15%.

Plowing moreover has an upper hand since as soon as it; you will not dependence to cultivate crops so you can skip directly to the sowing process.

Whenever a determined area of field requires plowing, then you will be notified, as they are highlighted red in color later than viewed upon the map.

Plowing is carried out by a tractor or a subsoiler, in the manner of the latter bodily both lighter, easier to use, and cheaper. However, the tractor nevertheless has some relieve and differences bearing in mind subconscious practiced to form extra fields or append any two fields that already exist.


Plowing has some advantages, as discussed above over this process including some crops for which just gardening will not be enough.

However, most of the time, you will be going afterward farming in the same way as you can, back it is always much easier to carry out as it is both quicker (allowing you to feint three events in one go) and requires lighter machinery.

There are several types of Cultivators that you can find in the Shop. One such variety will have in-built seeders correspondingly you can reforest and cultivate crops at the thesame time.

Others are lively at cultivating alone due to tall pretend rapidity but will not have the enactment of seeders.

Although most crops will obey the similar method of cultivation, there are three types of crops that attain not fit into this trend. These are potatoes, beets, and cotton that every require special planters and harvesters.

For cotton cultivation, a large ground (at least 1 hectares in length) is required along in the same way as the special CaseIH Module tone 635.

The two normal trailers to entire sum bails of cotton can be inquired virtually in Cotton Technology credit below the Tools section.

Potatoes are a bit more highbrow subsequently it comes to the gardening part. For planting, you can by yourself use either Gimme GL 420 or GL 860 Comacta.

Both require seed palettes (purchased ones) at initial sowing stage when the subsequent palettes coming from the since harvested potatoes batch.

Lastly, for Sugar Beet, you require a special tractor understanding where Grimme FT 300 is attached to the stomach of the tractor even if the rear allocation comprises of Grimme Rootster 604.

The tree satisfactory harvesters to be used can be found in the Vehicles section below Beet growing tech.

Planting and Sowing

Each type of crop will drop under either tool that can forest or those that can sow. You can learn more more or less these by behind the credit of each tree-plant itself.

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Crops requiring tools to be used below the Seeder category are wheat, rye, rape, oats, soybean, and grass and oilseed radish.

While under the Planter category, you have tools for these particular plants: corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet, and cotton. – FARMING SIMULATOR 19 OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Two crops that accomplish not fall in either of these general categories are Potatoes and Sugarcane, both of which require the use of special tools and tech unique to them.

Make positive to occupy these planters or sowing machines bearing in mind seed pallets for the crop you wish to plant, since actually using them in the field.


Fertilizers are key to increasing concur of crops ranging from 25% to a maximum of 50%. For this purpose, it is intensely recommended to fertilize soil multipart time before harvesting them.

The ideal stages for fertilization would be during the sowing process and as soon as the crop transitions into its neighboring enlargement phase. let us chat a tiny bit about the interchange types of fertilizers.

Liquid Fertilizers

Though costly than the supplementary ones (requiring large pallets), these will cover a greater place upon the use and are generally faster in their function.

Artificial Fertilizers

Also requiring palette, these types of fertilizers are built within some of the seeders and planters, consequently in this way, it saves stirring upon the cost. Moreover, they are much easier to act out considering back you will be fertilizing simultaneously while planting the seeds.


These by-products of cows and pigs can unaccompanied be put to good use for the means of fertilizing by special machinery that you can purchase from the shop.


This material, in auxiliary to bodily a source of revenue, works as fuel for slurry tanks. You can obtain it by placing the collected grass in a pile, whisking it and allowing it to ferment.

Then you will obsession to wrap bales of grass or hay with reference to it suitably you can collective it as silage. This silage can be forwarded to a Biomass forest to make Digestate.

Oilseed Radish

This is a neat and clever trick to enrich the soil and you only sacrifice seeds in the process. The technique here is to first plant radishes, and after that destroy them when cultivators that will move on just the minerals you habit for a fertilized soil.

Threats and Limitations

It is not every sunshine and songs as occasionally your crops will get injury by weeds and additional threats that will inhibit growth and cut crop accept by 20%.

In such cases, you will compulsion to vaporizer the birds next weeders and chemical sprays. Remember, weeds can forlorn be destroyed at their first stage that is back the process of harvesting.

It should then be noted that weeds on blank fields without crops can just be destroyed by plowing or gardening and reach not require the use of weeders.

If you are facing quite the hard times tackling subsequently weeds, you can always point of view this element off in the game settings.


Every third crop upon your ring requires the process of liming to be carried out. This is done via the two lime spreaders: Bredal K105 and K165.

Whenever fields are in the infatuation of it, they will be highlighted in blue on the map. Lime spreaders are refilled at tankers appearing as white downward arrows, or by purchasing lime pellets.

Inability to lime the soil will repercussion in a 15% tapering off in the output yield at the time of harvesting. Again, if this doesnt unassailable next your mug of tea, you can position the complementary off in the game settings.


With the exception of Sugarcane, all crops will wither if not harvested in due time. The indication would be in the form of ocher or orangey highlighted regions upon the map, depending upon severity.

The process can be slowed alongside in the game feel or could be turned off in its entirety.


You will know taking into account it is era to reap the crops similar to they will appear ocher in color indicating the total phase of their growth. every grains use a grain module harvester though sunflower and maize require the maize module harvester.

The additional crops that we have listed below require their own unique harvesters.


ROPA Keiler 2 or Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac, subsequent to the latter swine faster and covering more area.

Sugar Beet

Ropa Panther 2, Tiger 6 XL and Holmer Terra Dos T4-40, all of which are definite on your own past it comes to the headers of these vehicles.


Harvesters will most of the period run out of aptitude to continue the harvesting process and collecting crops.

In such cases, to maximize efficiency and mass as much of a consent as realistic upon a single run, a semi-trailer vehicle subsequently a tractor accompanies the harvester.

This attached vehicle will heap any new output with harvesters direct out of power consequently they can continue to function.

Crops considering cotton especially require the use of such trailers before the bales they leave behind are often bulky and just a harvester will not suffice.

Do note that it is terribly recommended to use trailers or tractors similar to narrow tires to not damage crops during the harvesting process.

Storing your Harvest

Apart from the default storage announce of crops which is the semi-trailer attached to the harvesting vehicles, you can purchase sheds and complement handbag systems which makes the amassed process of storage much more convenient, faster, and organized.

Belts will automatically load any forlorn potatoes or sugar beets encourage to the semi-trailer.

You can after that pick to buildup your harvested crops at of the two silos: either public or private. The former category comprises of two free silos: East and West Railroad Silos.

Each one boasts a capability of 20,000 liters per type of harvest and the content can be transported with the two via a train. Private silos, upon the further hand, are much easier to feint like should you be nimble to afford them.

From the Silos section in the Other category in the Store, you can pick either of 100,000 liters or 200,000 liters capacity-silos costing $110,000 and $180,000 respectively.

Since they are portable and their capacities can be increased, they are ideal for the process of storing your harvest.

A non-traditional method of storing crops is in bales, both coming in cylindrical and cubical shapes. These are refined from raw sources of grass, hay, and straw. Each bale carries a capacity of 4000 liters.

Again, these are easy to transport suitably it will not be therefore hectic for using it as a means of storing harvest.

Selling Crops

Now comes the times for you to acquire your compensation for every the difficult perform put in. However, if you would rather resign yourself to care of the animals than make money, you can for certain feed the grown vegetables and crops to these farm creatures.

Otherwise, you can for what will encouragement as the primary source of income: selling your grains. This can be ended by first hoard the grains in a dumper and later driving on top of to one of the selling or increase points.

Choosing a selling tapering off that offers the best price for your crops can be definite by heading to the Prices version within the in-game menu. There are a couple of factors that account for the fluctuations and vary prices of the selling points.


One is the mysteriousness of the game that you have set from the start. This is obvious to a future difficulty equals more cash awarded for a particular selling point.

The extra factor is where the request comes in. From get older to time, some materials or goods will be in forward-thinking demand compared to the rest.

There will be a discontinuous blue indicator upon the summit right corner of the screen, and in the Prices tab, to active you of the rising request of a crop. Utilize these occasions for profits back the request fluctuates lovely randomly and frequently.


Farming Simulator 19 How To Sell Crops?

Sale of Crops
You can use your crops to feed the animals and comprehensibly sell them which is your main source of income in crop growing Simulator 19. To sell your crops, place them in a dumper and go to the heap tapering off of your choice.

In every heap dwindling you will find a place where you can unload the dumper by helpfully pouring its contents to the collection shaft.

Choose those selling points that pay for the best prices: these are constantly changing. You can check the current prices in the Prices tab by initiation the game menu. Some resources have unaided one buy point. Its worth knowing that a performer may have an impact on price changes: by selling harvest at one point, you accrual demand at another. for that reason you can attempt to sell a portion of the harvest at one narrowing at a not too tall price to sell the dismount at different taking into consideration the price rises.

The prices offered by selling points depend mainly upon the level of selected difficulty.

Farming Simulator 19 – good Demand

From period to epoch there is a tall demand for definite types of goods in some selling points. counsel practically this phenomenon will appear as a broadcast in the upper right corner of the screen, you will in addition to see a blinking blue icon upon the map. The product furthermore has a blue arrow icon in the price table. As a rule, its the best times to sell, because the prices can significantly exceed the average buy prices but be careful. Not always the price at increased request is later than in additional selling points. Watch how prices on the shout from the rooftops bend in order to know what amount is optimal for a perfect resource.


Farming Simulator 19 Transport Trains Guide

Switch to The Train
Known from the previous parts of the farming Simulator trains, plus appear as a form of transport in the 2019 edition. Again, they are used to transport goods in the middle of the submit deposit middle and silos. In the silos the player can stock the harvested crops which is forgive of combat (apart from those silos already on the map, others you have to construct yourself).

From the options in the game menu, you can decide if you desire to switch to the train taking into consideration switching amid vehicles (if you complete not habit to use a train at the moment, it does not fill a slot in your vehicle statement).

You can increase any go along with to the wagon and transport it to the accrual points gone a station, or to additional silos (to assistance transport to a unapproachable buildup subsequent to transporting semi-trailers or afterward your silo is overfilled silos at the railway have tell for 200,000l of crop capacity, for each type although, there are abandoned two such silos on the map).


Farming Simulator 19 Biogas tree-plant How to Use?

Purchase Biogas Plant

Biogas forest allows you to:

Sell slurry, manure and silage,
Get digestate by selling silage,
Have entry to large silos subsequent to tall skill where you can process silage and sell it upon the spot.

After purchasing a Biogas Plant, you will be adept to sell silage, occupy going on silos and accumulate digestate.

Unlike in the previous games, a Biogas reforest isnt neutral. It wont start in action until you purchase it. You dependence to buy a parcel like a Biogas tree-plant past you can use it. You receive keep from selling goods in a Biogas forest at midnight.

To use a silo in an owned Biogas Plant, fill it taking into consideration grass, hay or chaff, tamp and cover. Wait nearly 24 hours.

Collect digestate from the protruding pipe located close one of the larger tanks close a silo.
To sell silage, unload it into the tank in stomach of silos. Use a tummy loader to have an effect on silage into the high tank you will receive the money at midnight.


Farming Simulator 19 How To Sell Vehicles?

Selling vehicles, machinery and yields in gardening Simulator 19 works in the same showing off as it did in the previous games. You can complete that in two ways:

Behind a shop you can locate a zone where you can sell, fix and modify vehicles. change any of your vehicles/machinery on the orange circle. This opens the menu where you can, i.e. sell. This is the lonesome quirk to sell excessive goods. Here, you can return vehicles that you were leasing, fix vehicles at a lower price and alter them (provided that you arent leasing it this option will be unavailable). You will next get more money from selling vehicles/machinery than the second option.

Selling vehicles/machinery remotely way in the shop menu and press Backspace (Y on XONE, Triangle upon PS4). This opens the menu where you can see every your equipment. pick any of them and sell, but you will get -20% less money. This window after that allows you to check leased items these vehicles/machinery can be returned without any loss.

Tip 1: selling equipment at a shop gives you 20% more child maintenance than by selling it remotely. This is very important for better sums.

Tip 2: teleport a vehicle / machinery to the shop and next involve it to the selling zone. If you scheme on selling a seeder, remember to sell unused seeds / fertilizer since you sell this machinery.


Farming Simulator 19 How to buy Land?

How to purchase Land?

You attain not purchase single fields. You buy the entire scheme of land upon which the pitch is located. You can correct the size of the pitch (or even create it in an empty space). This grow old the game makes it a tiny easier for you gone it comes to choosing a ground for cultivation. Many of them have irregular shapes and little or too square sizes this is not what you want.

The sports ground should be selected in such a way that it is longer than wider: the pace of do something is next much faster, because each of the vehicles (especially the slipshod combine harvester) have much less turning back. then the vehicles are much more maneuverable (tracks), which makes this activity less relevant.

If you desire to plant a lot of things and you dont have much allowance to buy a lot of fields, its worth choosing fields that are located at rude distances from each supplementary as the adjacent ones to buy. This makes it easier to play-act upon fields like the same machines without having to transport them. forward-looking on, you can with add together fields that are next to each other.

Also pay attention to the turn away from from warehouses / silos or points of sale of crops and the turn your back on from the shop you get not have the possibility of teleportation, consequently you have to transport anything upon your own.


Pay attention to a few factors taking into consideration buying land: how much wooded it is (if you want to insert the place under cultivation, you will have to positive the forest) and whether it has no supplementary obstacles in the area (e.g. stones so that machines can turn going on for freely), whether it is flat- machines going up become slower if they do not have much power (and going downhill during put-on they get not have to be faster!), and if you buy your first dome -whether you have a area to build infrastructure: silos, sheds, etc.).
You can buy one large sports ground and divide it into smaller ones.

To buy the true plan of land, go to the map view. Switch to the house view (X / left knob) and pick one of them. At the bottom of the screen you will look the price information.

Hint: It is worth going personally to the arena back buying it check what the arena looks like, optionally: how much take steps is required (some are already carried out, ploughed or even sown), and how much new pardon flavor you have.



Requires: cultivator, seeder, harvester when a header for grain.

Usage: as food for: chicken and pigs, chaff for compost. (after using a special harvester)

Special characteristics: leaves straw which can be collected you can either sell it or use for animal bedding. (pigs and cows) After that, the animals will develop manure.


Requires: cultivator, seeder, harvester as soon as a header for grain.

Usage: as food for: pigs, chaff for compost. (after using a special harvester)

Special characteristics: leaves straw which can be collected you can either sell it or use for animal bedding (pigs and cows). After that, the animals will produce manure. Barley generates the biggest yields this is the best source for chaff.


Requires: cultivator, seeder, harvester subsequently a header for grain.

Usage: as food for: horses, chaff for compost. (after using a special harvester)

Special characteristics: leaves straw which can be collected you can either sell it or use for animal bedding (pigs and cows). After that, the animals will develop manure.


What PC can rule crop growing Simulator 19?

Farming Simulator 19 will govern on PC system bearing in mind 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and upwards. Additionally it has a Mac version.

What graphics card realize I craving for cultivation Simulator 19?
Farming Simulator 19 requires a Radeon R9 270 v2 graphics card bearing in mind a Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5800+ processor to attain the recommended specs, achieving high graphics character on 1080p.

What get you dependence to operate fs19 on PC?

Farming Simulator 19 System Requirements
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD dual-core processor.
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450, AMD Radeon HD 6770 graphics card or augmented (min 1GB VRAM)
6 GB release difficult steer space.
DVD-ROM steer (only for retail version)

Can my laptop direct crop growing Simulator 2019?

System Requirements
OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Processor: Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.5GHz or AMD FX-4100 @3.6 GHz. Memory: 4 GB RAM. Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650, AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphics card or better.

Is crop growing Simulator 19 free?

Farming Simulator 19, a game approximately functioning the fields for people who want to enjoy the rugged external spirit without actually having to depart their room, is now forgive on the Epic Games Store.

Can I rule FS 19?

Farming Simulator 19 requires a Radeon R9 270 v2 graphics card subsequent to a Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5800+ processor to attain the recommended specs, achieving tall graphics character upon 1080p. 8 GB will after that be needed to reach the gardening Simulator 19 rec specs and acquire 60FPS

Is crop growing sim 19 worth it?

Absolutely yes! The game is getting enlarged and bigger every day! I accomplishment the game following little to no mods and have tons of fun on the game. It is completely worth the price.

Which cultivation simulator is the best?

Here are the best gardening games:
Stardew Valley.
Farming Simulator 19.
My era at Portia.
Verdant Skies.
Farmer’s Dynasty.
Harvest Moon: light of Hope.

Can you take effect cultivation Simulator 19 without Internet?

Download & play a part now, its extremely pardon and works OFFLINE ! You will carry various large quantity such as wood, hay bale and real blocks for our gardening simulation. FS 19 (Farming Simulator 19) has been developed like realizable hermetically sealed effects and extraordinary gameplay for our gamers. join :

How many gigabytes is cultivation Simulator 19?

5 GB
Farming Simulator 19 has a 5 GB download size and takes up 10 GB of storage at the period of writing, which is economic by today’s standards.

Is crop growing Simulator 19 split screen?

For the 2019 tally of cultivation Simulator for Xbox One and PlayStation, bring Split Screen multiplayer to the console versions. Having split screen would allow family’s to accomplishment as a team of two, considering husband and wife or brother later brother, it would make the game quirk more funnier. – FARMING SIMULATOR 19 OFFICIAL WEBSITE

What is the difference surrounded by crop growing simulator 19 and Platinum Edition?
Both the go forward pack and the Platinum edition will be released on October 22, 2019. What’s the difference together with the Platinum develop and the Platinum Edition? The enhancement is on your own the DLC (for players that already owns FS19.) The Platinum Edition is both the DLC and the game, bundled together.

How much does Farm Simulator 19 cost?

$39.99. The ultimate gardening animatronics returns past a unquestionable graphics overhaul and the most unchangeable farming experience ever! Become a broadminded farmer and manufacture your farm upon two big American and European environments, filled taking into consideration daring further crop growing activities, crops to harvest and animals to tend to.

What is the aspire of cultivation Simulator?

The main try of the performer is to harvest their crops and sell them in order to improve their crop growing enterprise (e.g. machines, fields, animals and buildings). The artiste is free to explore, go to from their complementary of several crops, and invest their child support in new fields and equipment.

Do you dependence Xbox stimulate to function crop growing Simulator 19?

Drive over 250 gardening vehicles and equipment from more than 75 manufacturers, including further brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Valtra or Massey Ferguson. Online multiplayer upon Xbox requires Xbox stimulate Gold (subscription sold separately). – FARMING SIMULATOR 19 OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Can you produce a result 2 artiste farming Simulator 19?
Farming Simulator 19 will allow stirring to four farms upon a server at a time, even though each of these farms could be managed by a single performer or by a team of players. The game’s mission system, in which players unadulterated tasks for friendly NPCs to earn cash, will moreover con following the extra multiplayer mode.

What is the point of gardening Simulator 19?
Farming Simulator 19 will feature additional American and European environments in which to produce and momentum your farm and will introduce many thrill-seeking further cultivation activities, including further machinery and crops later than cotton and oat!




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